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Crisis centre

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    Do you need accommodation in an emergency situation or someone to talk to whom you can trust? You can contact a crisis centre directly and all employees are under the obligation of confidentiality. Among other things, we can offer you:

    • A person who listens to whatever you want to tell them 
    • Information about your rights, help and advice over the phone or in person 
    • A safe, temporary place to stay for you and your children.
      We have physically separate accommodation for women and for men  
    • Assistance contacting a doctor, lawyer, the police, social services and other support agencies

    The crisis centre will work together with you to determine what should be done to ensure you are safe at the centre. If the crisis centre cannot provide you with enough protection, the municipality and police will work together to find you a safe place to live.

    Target group

    Women, men and children who are subjected to violence or threats of violence in close relationships. The crisis centre does not provide assistance to perpetrators.


    This is a statutory service under the Crisis Centre Act.

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