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Teaching hours and educational content in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools

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    You can enquire with the county governor, who is responsible for oversight under the Education Act, if you feel that the school is not providing education in accordance with the subjects and teaching hours plan developed by the Ministry of Education and Research.  This plan indicates how many hours are to be devoted to each subject in the various grades, and which combinations of subjects there may be. This is part of the National Curriculum for Knowledge Promotion—a reform in the Norwegian education system that began in 2006.

    The school management is obligated to document the school’s adherence to the subjects and teaching hours plan. The school must make it a priority that you develop basic skills in

    • Expressing yourself verbally 
    • Expressing yourself in writing 
    • Reading 
    • Arithmetic 
    • Using digital tools

    These skills are integrated into the curricula for each subject. The curricula set clear objectives for what students should master in each grade. If the student does not benefit satisfactorily from normal lessons, they have the right to special education.

    Cooperating authorities

    The county governor is responsible for ensuring that the school fulfils its obligations under the Education Act and its regulations, and that lessons are taught in accordance with the Knowledge Promotion programme. The county governor can instruct the school to correct any discrepancies in this regard.


    See Sections 2-3, 3-2, 3-4, 4A-6 and 6-4 of the Education Act and the Regulation to the Education Act Chapter 1 Teaching content.

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