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Education for blind or severely visually-impaired students

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    The municipality is responsible for ensuring that students who are blind or have severely reduced vision receive equivalent education programmes in their local communities. The municipality is also responsible for ensuring that parents receive necessary training in Braille so that they can follow through on their duties.

    Target group

    • Parents/guardians of blind or visually-impaired children
    • Blind and visually-impaired children of school age.


    The student is blind or has severely reduced vision.

    Cooperating authorities

    Statped (national service for special needs education), hovedkontor@statped.no

    Charges/Cost of the service

    The service is free.


    See in particular Sections 2-6, 2-14, 3-9 and 3-10 of the Education Act.

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    Guidelines – applying for, or receiving the service

    Blind children are entitled to an individual plan. The school is expected to be informed. Nevertheless, as a parent/guardian, you should contact the prospective school as early on as possible and inform them of when your visually-impaired child will be starting first grade.

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