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Upper secondary education for adults

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    Adults who have completed primary and lower secondary school or equivalent education, but who have not completed upper secondary school, have the right to apply for upper secondary education from the year they turn 25. In special cases, this right may also apply to youth in need of classes that are more adaptive than those they are normally offered in school. 

    The instruction will be adapted to your needs and will build on the formal and informal qualifications you already have.

    Target group

    Adults age 25 or older In special cases, youth ages 16-24 as well.

    Charges/Cost of the service

    The education is free. The county municipality is responsible for providing you with the necessary print and digital learning materials and digital tools.


    Sections 4A-3 and 3-1 of the Education Act
    Regulation to the Education Act Chapters 5 and 6.

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    Administrative procedure

    The county municipality will make the decision regarding your education. The decision will indicate whether or not you have been granted the service. The decision will also specify what is included in the service.

    Time taken to consider the application

    The county municipality is obligated to process the case as soon as possible. If the municipality cannot reach a decision on your case within one month, you will be informed in writing of the reason as to why, and you will also be provided with details about when it expects to make a decision.

    Possibilities to appeal; procedure

    You may appeal the decision regarding admission within a deadline of three weeks from the date on which you received the decision. Send your appeal to the county governor. Indicate in your appeal what part of the decision you wish to be changed and provide justification for the changes. The county municipality will be able to offer you guidance. If you would like to appeal another aspect of the service, the county municipal appeals board will serve as the administrative appeal body.

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