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School start

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    The principle is that children start in primary school in the year they turn six. You can apply for deferment or earlier school start for your child. Deferred school start means school start in the calendar year that the child turns seven. Earlier school start means that the child starts school the year the child turns five.
    The school/municipality will send letters to parents with children of school age. The letter will provide information about where you shall turn up and at what time.

    Target group

    Parents with children of school age


    The student is entitled to a deferred school start if an expert assessment of by the Educational-Psychological Service is a doubt about whether the child is mature enough to start school.
    In order to get an earlier start in school, the child must have turned five by 1 April. There must be an expert assessment from the Educational-Psychological Service.

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    Expert opinion

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    Administrative procedure

    The municipality shall gather the information necessary to decide the case. Then a decision is made. You will usually receive an explanation along with the decision. You will always receive an explanation in case you are unhappy with the decision. If the reason is not included, it can be obtained by contacting the municipality before expiry of the deadline for appealing the decision.

    Time taken to consider the application

    The municipality shall consider the matter as soon as possible. If the matter cannot be settled within one month, you will receive written notification of the reasons for this. You will also be informed when you can expect the decision to be made.

    Possibilities to appeal; procedure

    If you are dissatisfied with the decision, you can appeal to the municipality within three weeks of receiving it. Explain why you are dissatisfied and why you think the decision should be changed. Please contact the municipality if you need assistance. If the municipality upholds its decision, the matter will be forwarded to the county prefect, who determines whether the appeal should be accepted.

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